The effect of growth rate on otolith-based discrimination of cod (Gadus morhua) ecotypes

Nánari upplýsingar
Titill The effect of growth rate on otolith-based discrimination of cod (Gadus morhua) ecotypes

Otolith shape has previously been used to identify ecotypes within the Icelandic cod (Gadus morhua) stock, using DST profiles to validate the results. Fish otolith shape variation has repeatedly been found to be largely determined by growth rate. To examine the effect of growth rate on the relationship between otolith shape and cod ecotypes (using the Pan I genotype as a proxy for ecotype), 826 archived sagittal otoliths collected over a 58 year sampling period were retrieved, the individual growth rate calculated, and otolith shape described using both Normalized Elliptic Fourier transform and Discrete Wavelet transform. Discriminant functions of otolith shape successfully classified ecotype, whether using Fourier or Wavelet descriptors, but only when excluding a heterozygous genotype from the analysis. The otolith shape variability of this genotype lowered the classification success, while otolith shape, in turn, was significantly affected by growth rate and cohort. Growth rate differences previously reported for the ecotypes were present, but were less marked than expected and indeed, growth rate variance attributable to ecotype identity was dwarfed by cohort- and location-related variance in growth. Such a strong effect of growth rate suggests that cod ecotype discrimination based on otolith shape is sensitive to both temporal and spatial variations in growth, which can mask the effect of ecotype-related growth rate differences on otolith shape.

Nafn Einar P. Jónsson
Nafn Steven E. Campana
Nafn Jón Sólmundsson
Nafn Klara Björg Jakobsdóttir
Nafn Hlynur Bárðarson
Flokkur Ritaskrá
Útgáfurit PLoS ONE
Útgáfuár 2021
Tölublað 16: e0247630.
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