Capelin in a changing environment. HV2023-43

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Titill Capelin in a changing environment. HV2023-43

The main findings from the capelin research study conducted from 2018-2022 are presented in this report. This study was warranted to gain in-depth knowledge of how large-scale distribution and abundance shifts have affected the different life history stages of capelin.

The research focused on the following broad subject areas;

  • long-term changes in the distribution and life history of capelin;
  • spawning and early life history;
  • feeding ecology; predator-prey dynamics;
  • effect of behavior and physiology of capelin on acoustic biomass estimation.

The main findings are presented in a collection of extended abstracts, referred to as papers (numbered 1-14), which appear as chapters in this collection.

Skráarviðhengi Ná í viðhengi
Flokkur Haf- og vatnarannsóknir (2016-)
Útgáfurit Haf- og vatnarannsóknir
Útgáfuár 2023
Tölublað 43
Blaðsíður 83
Útgefandi Hafrannsóknastofnun
ISBN 2298-9137
Leitarorð mallotus villosus, spatial shift, temporal shift, ocean climate, logbook, life history traits, spawning, early life stages, drift, diet, trophic interaction, target strength
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