The branch in Hvammstangi is in collaboration with The Icelandic Seal Center and was established in 2009. One of the main research projects is to monitor the status of the Icelandic seal populations. Regular aerial censuses are carried out to estimate population size, and important ecological parameters are monitored. Other ongoing research is dietary studies, as well as interactions between seal populations and the fishing industry. Anthropogenic impacts on the welfare of seal populations, for example due to tourism, and how such impact can be minimized is also studied. Interdisciplinary cooperation with the tourism department at Hólar University College is an important part of the latter mentioned project. The research team in Hvammstangi are also involved in whale research projects.

Name Job Title Email
Eric dos Santos Biologist
Eric dos Santos

Specialisation: Seal research and general sampling and data collection about Icelandic marine mammals

Education: MSc in biology from the Universtiy of Iceland

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Sandra Magdalena Granquist Animal Behaviour Scientist and Ecologist
Sandra Magdalena Granquist
Animal Behaviour Scientist and Ecologist

Specialisation: seals


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