Human resources

Human Resources oversees the organization´s wage and human resource issues and provides support and advice to employees and managers. The department is responsible for staffing and recruitment in consultation with management and deals with issues of equality, professional development, welfare and safety of staff.

Human Resources is also in charge of payroll accounting and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the organization's equal pay system and that professional work practices are followed in managing the equal pay system.

Name Job Title Email
Berglind Björk Hreinsdóttir Mannauðsstjóri 5752040
Berglind Björk Hreinsdóttir

Starfssvið: Mannauður

Sigríður Elva Ármannsdóttir Mannauðs- og launafulltrúi 5752043
Sigríður Elva Ármannsdóttir
Mannauðs- og launafulltrúi

Starfssvið: Launavinnsla - mannauðsmál

Sólveig Lilja Einarsdóttir Mannauðsráðgjafi 5752046
Sólveig Lilja Einarsdóttir

Starfssvið: Mannauðsmál - fræðslukerfi

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