Late November 2019, a humpback whale stranding in the Westfjords was reported. Our team went on the stranding location to take samples and measurements of this animal, that will help the research group understand more about those animals and stranding events. 
A partial fluke was photographed by Sverrir Daníel Halldórsson.

humpback whale stranded in Nov 2019

By comparing this “half” fluke to our ISMN catalog we identified that whale as ISMN0128, last seen in Icelandic waters by an MRFI´s student Charlie Lavin in 2016 
The ISMN Catalog (ISMegaptera Novaeangliae Catalog) curated by Valerie Chosson and Gísli Arnór Víkingsson, gathers over 1000 unique humpback whale individuals from the 1980s to date, collected during MFRI surveys and by various partners/contributors in Icelandic waters. 
MFRI extends special thanks to all our contributors who kindly send/upload their photos and share with us their sightings information. 
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