Deciphering and protecting the last known abundant and unexploited marine ecosystem on Earth

Picture of the group Picture of the group

The Marine and Freshwater Research Institute is participating in SUMMER EU-project funded by the European Commission (Project number 817806) and coordinated by Xabier Irigoien from Azti-Tecnalia, Bilboa, Spain. The kick-off meeting of SUMMER took place in Bilbao, Spain from the September 23rd to 26th. At the meeting, 50 scientists from 22 different Institutes met to synchronise efforts. The responsible scientists at the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute are Anna Heiða Ólafsdóttir and Christophe Pampoulie. Below is the official press release which was released during the kick-off meeting of SUMMER.

See the press release in this pdf file.

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