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Physical oceanographer

The Marine and Freshwater Research Institute (MFRI) in Iceland is seeking a physical oceanographer for a full-time position.
“Open Sea Lab 3.0 Hackathon”

“Open Sea Lab 3.0 Hackathon”

The Hackathon takes place on 27-28th of March 2023 and will allow participants to live test EMODnet’s data resources and services in the marine environment and to create and share innovative ideas.
Index of sea ice extent at Southeast Greenland 1820 – 2021, and illustration of changes in cetacean …

Regime shift in marine ecosystem off Southeast Greenland

Findings of unexpected large numbers of fin and humpback whales during recent years in the previously ice infested waters of East Greenland indicate a tipping point in the marine ecosystem from one regime to another that may be irreversible.
Mackerel. Image Svanhildur Egilsdóttir.

ICES fishery advice on widely distributed pelagic fish stocks for 2023

On 30th September ICES released advices on fishing opportunities for Norwegian spring-spawning herring, North-East Atlantic mackerel and blue whiting for the year 2023.
The survey tracks of RV Árni Friðriksson (red) and Tarajoq (blue) in August to September 2022 and th…

Reduction in capelin catch advice

The Marine and Freshwater Research Institute (MFRI) advises that capelin catches in 2022/2023 should be no more than 218 400 tonnes.
Image Svanhildur Egilsdóttir.

60-years of genetic studies to unravel the best management units in Atlantic cod

A recent study published by scientists at MFRI summarized the genetic studies which have been performed on Atlantic cod in Icelandic waters.
Algae bloom in Hestfjordur on September 9. Photo Ingvar Jakobsson.

Coccolithophorid bloom in the Westfjords of Iceland

As the bloom develops the surface displays veils of lighter color and the surface appears milky, this is a result of the cells shedding its coccoliths, when regenerating new ones.
Image. Svanhildur Egilsdottir

Advice for offshore shrimp in the fishing year 2022/2023

Image. Svanhildur Egilsdóttir.

MFRI's advice on fishing opportunities for 28 fish stocks in Icelandic waters in the 2022/2023 quota year

MFRI's advice on fishing opportunities for 28 fish stocks in Icelandic waters in the 2022/2023 quota year has been released and is available from the MFRI website under Advice.
Harbour seal. Photo Sandra M. Granquist.

A new research paper on origin and expansion of harbour seal

Origin and expansion of the world’s most widespread pinniped: Range-wide population genomics of the harbour seal (Phoca vitulina)“.
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