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Image: MFRI.

Lower catch advice for lumpfish

Marine and Freshwater Research Institute advises that the total catch of female lumpfish for the fishing year 2022/2023 should be no more than 4 411 tonnes.
Capelin. Photo Svanhildur Egilsdóttir.

Area based capelin adivice retracted

MFRI has decided to revise its capelin advice from 24 February for the current fishing year.
The survey tracks of Árni Friðriksson during 12-21 February 2023 and location of sea ice northwest o…

Increase in capelin advice announced in the coming days

The TAC advice for the fishing season 2022/2023 is expected to be increased next week by more than 100 thousands tonnes.
Image Sandra Granquist.

Trends in the Icelandic harbour seal population over a 40 year period

A new paper about trends in the Icelandic harbour seal population was recently published. The title of the paper is "The Icelandic harbour seal (Phoca vitulina) population: trends over 40 years (1980–2020) and current threats to the population"
Capelin distribution in the collaborative survey 23-30 January 2023.

Capelin advice increased

The MFRI advises that the capelin TAC for the 2022/23 fishing year be no more than 275 705 tonnes, which corresponds to a 57 300 tonnes increase from the advice given on 4 October 2022
Image. MFRI

About fish behaviour of some bottom species in front of a bottom trawl

New publications have just been launched in the paper Aquatic Biology about fish behaviour in front of a bottom trawl

Physical oceanographer

The Marine and Freshwater Research Institute (MFRI) in Iceland is seeking a physical oceanographer for a full-time position.
“Open Sea Lab 3.0 Hackathon”

“Open Sea Lab 3.0 Hackathon”

The Hackathon takes place on 27-28th of March 2023 and will allow participants to live test EMODnet’s data resources and services in the marine environment and to create and share innovative ideas.
Index of sea ice extent at Southeast Greenland 1820 – 2021, and illustration of changes in cetacean …

Regime shift in marine ecosystem off Southeast Greenland

Findings of unexpected large numbers of fin and humpback whales during recent years in the previously ice infested waters of East Greenland indicate a tipping point in the marine ecosystem from one regime to another that may be irreversible.
Mackerel. Image Svanhildur Egilsdóttir.

ICES fishery advice on widely distributed pelagic fish stocks for 2023

On 30th September ICES released advices on fishing opportunities for Norwegian spring-spawning herring, North-East Atlantic mackerel and blue whiting for the year 2023.
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