Advice for female lumpfish - 9040 tons

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The MFRI recommends that fishing for female lumpfish in the 2020/2021 fishing year should not exceed 9040 tonnes. This is an increase of 74% from the previous year. The advice is primarily based on the biomass index from the Icelandic groundfish survey in March 2021, which was at it´s highest level in the history of the survey which began in 1985. The recommended TAC is calculated using the biomass index from the current year and previous year which are weighted 70% and 30 % respectively. The MFRI also advises that the initial catch limit for the 2021/2022 fishing year be 3174 tonnes.

The advice is according to the new advisory rule for female lumpfish, which was introduced in 2020 and is based on a ratio of 0.75 between the catch and the biomass index of the survey (Fproxy).

Links to an advisory document and a technical report.

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