Purpurahimna. Ljósmynd Svanhildur Egilsdóttir

Research activity of the Environment Division is a.o. directed at physical, chemical and biological oceanography of the waters around Iceland. Including study of currents and fluxes both on the scale of basins and the scale of fjords, phytoplankton and benthic plants and their ecology and the geology of the ocean bottom and its mapping.

Large project is the monitoring of conditions of Icelandic waters where repeated observations are done on temperature, salinity and nutrients at fixed stations on the shelf and out to the shelf-break around the island.

Herewidth are monitoring of the carbon budget and acidification of the sea. Focus is on the variability and long term trends of all these parameters and their influence on the biota.

Attached to this project is the annual monitoring of phytoplankton and benthic plants. This includes watch on posionous plankton in the coastal zone.

Mapping of the economical zone of Iceland is another project that is planned to go on for a decade and finish before 2030.

Work in connection with preparation and monitoring of conditions around aquaculture along the coast around Iceland has been fast increasing part of the tasks. This includes studies of carrying capacity of fjords and monitoring of chemistry and sediments.

Considerable number of tasks are various kind of advice to the governmental and private institutions and companies in connection with all kinds of activity in the coastal waters of the country.

Name Job Title Email
Alice Benoit-Cattin Chemist

Starfssvið: efnamælingar

Andreas Macrander Oceanographer
Andreas Macrander

Starfssvið: haffræði

Davíð Þór Óðinsson Geologist
Davíð Þór Óðinsson
Eydís Salome Eiríksdóttir Jarðefnafræðingur
Eydís Salome Eiríksdóttir
Eygló Ólafsdóttir Field Biologist
Eygló Ólafsdóttir
Field Biologist
Gina Sape Sapanta Researcher
Gina Sape Sapanta

Specialisation: algae analysis

Guðrún Helgadóttir Marine Geologist
Guðrún Helgadóttir
Marine Geologist

Specialisation: seabed mapping

Hafsteinn Grétar Guðfinnsson Marine Biologist
Hafsteinn Grétar Guðfinnsson
Marine Biologist

Specialisation: phytoplankton

Héðinn Valdimarsson Head of Division
Iris Hansen Geologist
Jacek Sliwinski Technician
Jóhann Garðar Þorbjörnsson Biologist
Jóhann Garðar Þorbjörnsson
Jón Tómas Magnússon
Karl Gunnarsson Biologist
Kristinn Guðmundsson Marine Biologist
Kristinn Guðmundsson
Marine Biologist

Specialisation: marine ecology - phytoplankton/microbes - primary productivity - chlorophyll-a/pigments - ocean colours/satellite data - underway flow-through measurements



Kristín Jóhanna Valsdóttir Náttúrufræðingur
Kristín Jóhanna Valsdóttir

Specialisation: phytoplankton

Lilja Gunnarsdóttir Líffræðingur
Lilja Gunnarsdóttir
Magnús Danielsen Náttúrufræðingur
Magnús Danielsen

Specialisation: hydrographic measurements

Ólafur S. Ástþórsson Sjávarlíffræðingur
Ólafur S. Ástþórsson
Rakel Guðmundsdóttir Freshwater Ecologist
Rakel Guðmundsdóttir
Freshwater Ecologist

Specialisation: Environmental impacts from aquaculture, EU Water Framework Directive, freshwater algae


Research Gate

Sigvaldi Árnason Verkfræðingur
Sigvaldi Árnason
Sólveig Rósa Ólafsdóttir Efnafræðingur
Sólveig Rósa Ólafsdóttir
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