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Þykkvalúra. Ljósmynd Svanhildur Egilsdóttir

The Marine and Freshwater Research Institute holds extensive and long term databases on the status of Icelandic marine and freshwater environment and it´s exploitation and which form the basis of most of the institute´s research work.

The Data and Information Technology division oversees the structure, building and maintenance of the databases owned by the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute. The division is also responsible for the development and implementation of software solutions.

The division oversees the operation and development of the institute's IT infrastructure. It is responsible for system and network administration, operation of telecommunication systems and general IT services. The division oversees the IT strategic planning and development. It handles the procurement of equipment that falls within its scope.

The division is responsible for the maintenance of the institute´s quality manual/handbook which provides staff with an essential summary of the main quality assurance procedures that must be followed which respect to data sampling, analysis and storage work practices.

Name Job Title Email
Ásta Guðmundsdóttir Head of Division
Björn Darri Sigurðarson Programmer
Björn Guðjónsson Computer Scientist
Björn Guðjónsson
Computer Scientist
Guðmunda Björg Þórðardóttir Geographer and Environmental Scientist
Guðmunda Björg Þórðardóttir
Geographer and Environmental Scientist

Starfssvið: veiðibækur lax- og silungsveiði


Gunnar Örvarsson Computer Scientist
Gunnar Örvarsson
Computer Scientist

Specialisation: system administration

Hörður Hauksson Computer Scientist
Hörður Hauksson
Computer Scientist

Field of work: Computer Scientist, Software Development

Education: Master of Science (MSc), Computer Science, Reykjavik University 2013

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Rafn Sigurðsson Programmer

Specialisation: databases - programming

Sigfús Jóhannesson Researcher

Specialisation: data input

Sigrún Jóhannsdóttir Biologist

Specialisation: data processing - age verification

Viktor Þórir Ström Computer Scientist
Viktor Þórir Ström
Computer Scientist
Örn Guðnason Researcher

Specialisation: data input

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